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Game Change Fee

Beginning with the 2023 season there will be a $50 fee for any game change or cancellation request that is within the 15 days prior to the games date and official(s) have been assigned.

Programs should make sure they are checking their schedules and confirming with their opponents to make sure they can avoid this fee.

  1. The game change fee applies if a program requests any game(s) changes or cancellation for games that official(s) have been assigned and that are schedule within the next 15 days.
  2. These are some of the situations which are considered a game change:
    1. Any change to the games starting time.
    2. Any change to the game’s location (see Section 4 below for possible exceptions).
    3. If a game is cancelled for a reason other than weather.
      1. The 48-hour rule still applies for any games cancelled within 48 hours of game time. See NJJLL Rules & Regulation for the full 48-hour rule description.
      2. If the 48-hour rule is applied the change fee is waived
    4. Changing or swapping grade levels is considered a change
  3. The change fee is per game
    1. If requesting 2 or more games be changed, the game change fee applies for each game. For example, if two games are changed, the fee would be $100 ($50 X 2).
  4. Change fee may not apply under the following circumstances:
    1.  A change is for a change of fields with the exact same game times and within the same town or program.
      1. If the change request is to move to a neighboring town and at the same time(s) the fee may be waived by the GSLOA if the same officials are available to work at the new location.
    2.  To same day weather related cancellations.
      1. The 2-hour rule is still in effect for weather related cancellations. See NJJLL Rules & Regulations for the complete weather-related cancellation policy.
    3. Because Saturday games are often scheduled more than 15 days in advance, programs may still request change(s) for any Saturday games with officials assigned that are more than 15 days away.
    4. Change of opponent - game times and levels must remain the same
  5.  Game change requests must be made using the online form.
  6. The program responsible for requesting the change is responsible for the fee.
    1. To make a change request BOTH programs must agree to the proposed change prior to the request being made.
    2. Game change request forms can only be made by the HOME team.
  7.  At the discretion of the GSLOA exceptions may be made based on extenuating circumstances.
    1. Extenuating circumstances DO NOT include:
      1. Coach(es) not available
      2. Player(s) not available
      3. School Functions
      4. Scheduling mistakes
      5. Field becomes unavailable (Unless weather related)
      6. Field scheduling conflicts

Covid / Illness Policy
​​​​​​​If a team requests a cancellation / postponement due to Covid or illness all games within the next 5 days shall also be cancelled for the team involved.