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Weather Cancelation Pollicy

Weather related cancellations for games that are listed in Zebra Web. (2 Hour Rule)

The home program is responsible to contact all referees as listed below:

  • With full two hours’ notice – No fee due to referees
  • Less than two hours’ notice - referees receive $30.00 for first game only    
    • This fee is due even if the officials did not arrive at the field.
  • If multiple games are scheduled only one fee of $30.00 is due to each assigned official, this fee is NOT per game.
  • For any game that has started, the officials are entitled to the full game fee.
  • If scheduled for multiple games and weather causes any cancellation after at least one game has started no further fees are due officials.
  • In all cases calling and/or leaving a voice message on the cell phone of each official shall be considered proper notification.
    • E-mails will not be considered proper notification of game cancellations.
    • Text messages may be sent but if the program does not receive a response they must call and/or leave a message before the 2-hour limit.
    • After contacting ALL officials please notify your local assignor
    • Make sure you contact ALL referees scheduled which may be more than two if there are multiple games
  • In the case of a dispute about a payment due the final decision shall be made by the GSLOA.