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2024 NJJLL Scheduling Rules

General scheduling Info

  • Make sure when you schedule a 4th grade game you confirm if it will be a 7v7 or 10v10 game
    • Changing a game from 10v10 to 7v7 after officials are assigned may result in a game change fee.
  • If a program has more than one team at a grade level please make sure you know exactly which team you are playing so it is entered correctly on Zebra Web.

NOTE: The NJJLL recognizes teams by grade levels. If a team has players from multiple grades on it, the team is scheduled as the highest grade level. We do not recognize a combined grade level (3 rd /4 th5 th /6 th7 th /8 th ) grade teams. If a team is made up of 5th & 6th graders it is considered a 6th grade team for scheduling purposes.


Scheduling Saturday games

Saturdays are a particularly challenging day for game coverage as both youth and high school programs are active.  In the past we have asked for voluntary compliance and most programs have cooperated. Due to the large number of Saturday games that needed to be cancelled last season because of the lack of officials, these scheduling rules will be enforced for 2024. As always, any program that can play home games on Sundays instead of Saturdays should do so whenever possible.

  • If your program is playing 5 or less games, they must be played on one field.
    • If you are playing 6 or more games 2 fields may be used.
  •  6th grade games and below should be scheduled on 60-minute intervals

  • 7th & 8th grade games should be scheduled on 75-minute intervals

  • Games should be scheduled to start after 1pm  whenever possible
  • Any 7v7 game must be either the first or last game. I cannot be in the middle of 3+ games.

NOTE: On Saturday May 4th please schedule all games in the morning to be completed by 1pm due to high school SAT testing. You may use multiple fields in the morning on this date.


Scheduling weeknight games

For weeknight games we need to make every effort to schedule games in a manner that allow the the best allocation of the available officials.

As such please read below:

  • Games should be scheduled in a set of multiple games whenever possible. If necessary to schedule a single game by itself the "Single Game Surcharge" fee shall apply. 
  • Weeknight games should be scheduled for no earlier than 6:00pm
    • 6:30pm is better as it allows more officials assigned to high school games to be available.
  • All games 6th grade and below should be scheduled at 1 hour intervals if possible, in no case should the games be scheduled for more than 75 minute intervals.
  • All Games for 7th & 8th grade should be scheduled at 75 minute intervals, in no case should games be scheduled for more than 90 minute intervals
  •  Any 7v7 game must be either the first or last game. I cannot be in the middle of 3+ games.

Any exception from this policy must be approved in advance by the GSLOA / NJJLL.