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Program Directors & Coaches

January 15, 2020 

NJJLL Coaches and Program Directors, 

Please read carefully, there is a lot important information about getting ready for this season. 

Welcome to the NEW NJJLL website!

We need every program to go to: and complete the form with your 2020 teams and program contacts. Please make sure this gets done no later than Feb. 1st, 2020. Please make sure only one person from your program completes this form. 

We plan to open Arbiter Sports to enter games in early February but we cannot do so until 100% of the programs have completed this form. Please do this asap, you can go in later and update your information if something changes. The form should take less than 10 minutes to complete. 

The 2020 NJJLL rules haves been posted on the website.  

For this season (2020) the NJJLL has combined the NJJLL Rules and Regulations and the NJJLL game playing rules into one document. 

With all the significant changes to the NFHS boy’s lacrosse rules, the US Lacrosse boy’s rules and the NJJLL 2020 rules it is very important that all coaches attend a rules interpretation meeting.

Without attending a rules meeting coaches will have no way to know or understand how these rules will be enforced and the impact these changes will have on your team.

For a list of the 2020 rules interpretation meeting dates go to:  

There is no pre-registration required for any NJJLL coach who wishes to attend.  Only the referees need to pre-register.

If any program would like to host it’s own rules interpretation meeting please contact Randy Mills to schedule at The fee for this is $100. We encourage neighboring programs to get together and take advantage of this. 

Do not enter any games into Arbiter Sports until directed to do so. 


Starting with this 2020 season all coaches for grades 4th through 8th must be US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified to be on the sideline during games.  

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS, and NO ONE is grandfathered.

Each coach will be required to provide proof of their training status prior to every game. 

For information about attending a Level 1 Clinic  CLICK HERE

If you have already attended a Level 1 Field Clinic, please remember there are other requirements to complete the course. Go to and log into your account. Then click on 'COACHES" and then under "EDUCATION" click on "My Certification and Training Information". This will show your status. 

This is how this new rule reads: 

1) All adult coaches in grades 4th through 8th must be US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified with no exceptions.
2) Every coach in grades 4th through 8th on the sideline (maximum of 4) will need to display their membership card in either digital or printed form as requested by any game official, assignor or NJJLL representative prior to or during any NJJLL game.
a. Failure to provide proper credentials will cause that coach to be requested to leave the sideline and discontinue coaching. If a team does not have a Level 1 certified coach available to coach, they will forfeit the game and be required to pay the officials, regardless if they are the home or away team.
b. If there is an altercation with a coach and it becomes apparent a coach had fraudulently displayed invalid credentials/certification, or verbally misrepresented that they had the proper certification, the violating program will be fined $500 and said coach will be suspended for life from coaching in any future NJJLL games.
c. All head coaches are required to know the US Lacrosse Level 1 Certification status of all assistant coaches they allow on the sideline.
d. This requirement does not apply to the game timekeeper, however that person must stay at the scoring table area and may not be involved in coaching at all.
e. Any other person(s) who are not US Lacrosse Level 1 may not be in the team / bench areas.
f. 3rd grade coaches will need to complete the US Lacrosse Level 1 certification prior to coaching at the 4th grade level.
3) As per US Lacrosse Coaches regulations, coaches who are under 18 years old that help out cannot become US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified. The NJJLL will allow any current high school student to be able to be on the sideline during any game as an assistant coach provided the following:
a. They must complete and be able to provide proof of completing the US Lacrosse Junior Certification online.
1) It can be found under under Coaches, Education, Certification, Junior Certification.

2) This is not a replacement for having Level 1 Certification, there must be a US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified Coach present for each team, or the game cannot be started.

3) Proof of completing must be able to be presented to any game official, assignors or NJJLL League representative upon request.
b. Any youth coach falling in this category is considered one of the four coaches allowed on the sideline during the game.

To get a copy of your US Lacrosse membership card:

Go To Link:  

Go to the LogIn Tab in the top right, click on the Drop Down menu and Click on "Print Member Card"

Log In to your US Lacrosse Account
(Will need your Username and Password)
(Will also need to unblock pop-ups in your browser)

You can download your membership card as a .pdf to display digitally on your mobile device and also print it as well (recommended to do both).


Please contact Randy Mills at if you have any questions. 

Randy Mills 
NJJLL Head Official / Assignor 

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