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Commonly misunderstood rules and rule questions.

What is the rule about coaches needing to be US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified?

A; Starting this season (2020) all coaches on the sideline must have completed the US Lacrosse Level 1 Coaching Certification.

What is considered proof of completing the course?

A: Your US Lacrosse membership indicating the course has been completed, or a digital photo of your card on your phone. 

But I have been a youth coach for over 20 years, do I still need to take this course?

A: Yes, no one is exempt or grandfathered.

What happens if a game is about to start and one of the teams does not have a coach who can prove their certification.

A: The game will not be played.

Will a coach have to provide proof before every game.

A. Yes, every game.

If one coach is certified can he have an assistant on the sideline with him who is not certified?

A. NO (This rule was modified mid season. If only one certified coach is available, one additional "uncertified" coach may assist. If more than one certified coach is available no uncertified coaches will be allow on the sideline.)

Can a player wear a helmet eye shield?

A: Yes, if it is clear
       No, if it has any tint to it

What if the player obtains a doctors note?

A: There is no provision in the rule that allows a doctors note to  permit a tinted eye shield.