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Entering Games

Game entering instructions

Hello to all,

Below is a lot of information, please read everything carefully to avoid mistakes.
You can begin to enter your 2020 games at this time, all your home games should be entered by 3/1/2020.
Please remember you should only enter your home games.

Games may start Friday 3/27, if you wish officials for a scrimmage prior to 3/27 please eneter it as a game in Arbiter Sports.

All officials for games and scrimmages must be assigned through Arbiter Sports. Programs may not directly contact officials to work for them

Game entering guidelines:

If the program you are scheduling against has more than one team at a grade level you must know which team you are playing, PLEASE DO NOT GUESS

Please make sure you properly communicate with the program you are playing to assure you select the proper team when entering the game.

  • Please do not start games earlier than 6pm, when possible 6:30pm or later is best.
  • It is recommended 6th grade and below be schedule at 60 minute intervals.
  •  It is recommended 7th & 8th grade games be scheduled at 75 minute intervals.
  •  When playing 3+ games in a row please try to play the older teams first when possible.
  • 7v7 games (3rd Grade or 4th) may not be in the middle of other games, it must be scheduled alone or at the beginning or end of any set of games.
  • On Saturdays, the later you can start the better. We are short officials on many Saturday mornings, start times after 12pm help assure we can cover all games.
  • Any programs that can play home games on Sunday mornings instead of Saturdays is encouraged to do so. All the best officials are available on Sundays, whereas on Saturday morning most are working Varsity games.

4th Grade Game Info:

  • Please DO NOT schedule a 4th grade 10v10 team against a 4th grade 7v7 team.
  • If the program you are playing does not have the same size team as you listed in Arbiter Sports that means they are not playing at that size level, please call them.
  • I can add another team if necessary, the program director must email me and I will add a 7v7 or 10v10 team if necessary.

 Some additional info:

You can Add, Cancel or Edit games that are at least 15 days in advance.
Once the season starts games cannot be changed or canceled without 15 days notice.
This does not include weather related cancellations.
All game changes within 15 days must be done by your local assignor, a list of 2020 Local Assignors will be posted by 3/1/2020 .
See NJJLL Referee Payment Policy located at
Until March 15th, I should be contact for issues, questions within 15 days. A list will be available shortly indicating who your local assignor will be for the 2018 season.

  • All 10v10 games put in Arbiter Sports will receive two officials.
  • All 7v7 3rd and 4th grade games will receive one official ($80 game fee)
  • If you do not want officials for a 3rd grade game do not put it in the system. 
  • Officials are not optional for grades 4th – 8th

 To see a video on how to enter games, CLICK HERE
Please email me with any questions.
If you are new to entering games and still have a problem after watching the video you can call me for help.
Randy Mills
NJJLL Head Assignor