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2023 Program Application

2023 NJJLL Program Registration Application

NJJLL Programs:
It’s time to complete your league membership application for 2023.

Registration will once again be on-line using the SportsEngine platform, and must be completed by January 1, 2023. League membership dues remain at $400.


Below is the link for the on-line application/registration

Click Here to Register

If you have a SportsEngine account, you will be asked to sign-in at the beginning of the registration process using your existing account. If you don’t already have an account with SportsEngine, you can set one up at the beginning of the registration
process, which we strongly recommend. However, it is possible to complete the registration process as a “guest”.

After you sign in you will see a list of past teams or programs you have registered under the heading “What Team Are You Registering”. If you don’t see your program listed, choose the option “Another Team” and you will be able to enter in the name
of your program and get started. From there it’s pretty straight forward.

As part of the registration process you’ll be asked to electronically sign-off on six separate league policies/waivers. We strongly suggest you download or print out these six policies and share them with others in your program (particularly your board members and coaches) so they all know what you have committed them to as part of your acceptance into the NJJLL.

Your $400 program membership fee can be paid on-line (credit, debit, or checking acct info) or off-line (by mailing in a check). Transaction and credit card fees will be absorbed by the league. So either way it’s $400 to your program. If you choose to
pay off-line by mailing in a check, make the check payable to: NJJLL
and mail it to: 
PO Box 258
Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970

Please include a note with the check so we know which program to credit. At the end of the on-line process you’ll be asked if you want to “Register Another Team”. Please ignore this; you only need to register your program once. Any questions or issues regarding league registration can be directed to your division director or to Elliot Grover at